Videography: Report

Video shooting of an event, including a holiday one, can be done as per an earlier obtained plan or without it. In any case video shooting crew shoulde be ready to fix all problems on the fly.

Nobody knows what exactly can occur at this or that moment of video shooting. But the event must be shot without any mistakes, It is unique. Both the video shooting crew and equipment should be absolutely reliable and professional. The cameraman should have an experience of previous reportage work and quickly react to all what is going on. The equipment should be able to operate at low light, during rain, snow and wind, frost, against the sun.

Cameras count for video shooting is depend from the scale of the event, can reach up to dozens. Some of them can be within the MTVS, and some of them can be mounted on cranes with the arm reach up to 25 meters. In spite of this, there are professional cameramen, shooting the events with only one camera, but rapidly changing the shooting points and plans every time, they appear in the right place at the right time.

Mobile TV station

Mobile TV station (MTVS)

Usually they are the cameramen of favorite TV channels, who know very well the objects to be shot, and who can foresee the course of events owing to their experience. For the purpose of video shooting a special “map of objects” should be filled for all the objects of the events. It should contain the information about illumination of the object at definite time of the day, on parking for vehicles, conditions of connection to the mains and location of premises as well as audio cabling, if it is available and type of audio connectors, information on balance of light inside the premises and other information. Radio communication must be established with the base and between the camera crew.

Camera crew members should have all the documents proving their identities and the rights to perform video shooting. When video shooting was done, all materials must be immediately transferred to the base. It is a specific requirements to the video shooting crew and TV equipment while covering the most diverse events.

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